Trading Policy

Trading in Company securities is regulated by the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules. The Board makes all Directors, officers and employees aware on appointment that it is prohibited to trade in the Company's securities whilst that Director, officer or employee is in the possession of price sensitive information. Directors are required to report to the Company Secretary any movements in their holdings of Company securities, which are reported to ASX in the required timeframe prescribed by the ASX Listing Rules.

Shareholder Communication Policy

Pursuant to Principle 6, the Company's objective is to promote effective communication with its shareholders at all times. Bowen Coking Coal Limited is committed to: Ensuring that shareholders and the financial markets are provided with full and timely information Complying with continuous disclosure obligations contained in the ASX listing rules and the Corporations Act in Australia Communicating effectively with its shareholders and making it easier for shareholders to communicate with the Company To promote effective communication with shareholders and encourage effective participation at general meetings, information is communicated to shareholders: Through the release of information to the market via the ASX Through the distribution of the annual report and notices of annual general meeting Through shareholder meetings and investor relations presentations Through letters and other forms of communications directly to shareholders By posting relevant information on the Company's website: 


Corporate Governance Policies